Old is Gold

  • k4cpo
  • March 25, 2019
  • They say old is gold and this is a saying that the sexy Jennifer has stuck to since she was 16. For seven years since she broke her virginity, Jennifer has always been enjoying quality sex with older men. She says older men know the meaning of sex and are not only after quenching their sexual cravings. They take things slow and make sure you reach the epitome of pleasure before they can hang their gloves says Aperfield Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/aperfield-escorts.

    Jennifer has a long list of older men who have hit is right. She first broke her virginity with her classmate who was also 16. The first experience was great and she felt satisfied just like any other sex amateur would feel. However, she realized she was missing out on quite a lot when her class teacher asked her to help him carry some books to the library says Aperfield Escorts. On this day, other students had gone home and Jennifer had remained behind to research on her physics project.

    The teacher was in his mid-thirties but was outgoing and was loved by almost all female students and teachers alike. So when they got to the library, everyone had gone home and they were alone. The naughty Jennifer intentionally dropped the books and bent down to pick them. The innocent teacher who was behind her couldn’t help it but stare at her fine, spotless thighs says Aperfield Escorts. The skirt was too short; a slight bend and you could see her thong. She stood up and noticed her teacher was staring. She knew any move towards the teacher would be justified at this point so she reached for his lips. The teacher hesitated at first but later on kissed her back. She grabbed his hard cock and went down for a blow job. The teacher knew she was horny and her already wet pussy confirmed it. They decided to get down on the floor and have their first crazy fuck there.

    She loved the first experience with an older man and broke up with her boyfriend. For seven years she has been fucking older men and the most memorable time was this day when she got fucked by her friend’s dad. She went to see her friend who wasn’t there at that time but decided to wait for her at their home. She had been flirting for some time now with the dad and this was the only alone time they had. The friend’s dad decided to make the first move but was surprised that Jennifer had been waiting for it. This dad had the biggest dick of all the guys Jennifer had fucked. In fact, she didn’t know she would have multiple orgasms before a man had cum. This was her first time and they lasted for a whole hour before they were interrupted by a phone call. It was clear that this was going to be a daily routine.

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