What Price Do You Pay for Perfection?

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  • December 2, 2017
  • Should you set a price on perfection? I still think that there is a lot of pressure on women to be perfect and it is certainly reflected at the London escort agency I work for here in London. Most of my colleagues have had some kind of procedure, or they are saving up for a procedure. Enhancement surgery does not come cheap, and London is packed with clinics happy to take your money. But where do you stop? If you would like to achieve perfection, you may not know where to stop.

    Look around the Internet and you will soon find plenty of people who have gone over the top. I know a few girls at rival London escorts services who have gone over the top. It is like they are driven by a desire to look their best and don’t know when they are about to go over the top. In fact, I think that many girls can do with a little bit of counselling instead of surgery. That is certainly true of many of my London escorts colleagues.

    In general I do think there is too much pressure on women to be perfect. When I go to the gym before I start my London escorts shift, I often think that a lot of the available exercises classes are targeted and aimed at women to lose weight or tone up. Sure, we all need to stay fit, but I do think that the majority of gyms I have been to in London seem to target women, and make them feel guilty about the way they look. One of the girls I work with at our London escorts service sums it up perfectly when she says that getting the perfect body is a bit like getting the perfect haircut.

    I know it is not easy to keep up with top models, and celebs, and I would encourage you to ask yourself who you are actually keeping up with when you read all of those magazines. How many of those images have been photoshopped or enhanced? I know London escorts who always enhance their images or have them photoshopped. These days you can even use special camera filters to enhance your image as you are snapping your photo.

    Perhaps it is a good idea to remember that nothing is real anymore. By all means do you best, but take many things with a pinch of salt. So much stuff that you see these days is fake, and you really have to think twice before you jump. Kim Kardashian’s famous bum may look great in the right light, but once she steps out of the right light. The story is likely to be totally different. I am not saying that all of the girls at London escorts are fake, many of them are not, but we all feel the pressure to be perfect. I don’t know anybody who is really perfect, and even girls who have had a lot of surgery, are not perfect.

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